ReliaBilt 3100 Series Vinyl Replacement Window Review

 The ReliaBilt 3100 Series vinyl replacement window is a low-cost, good-quality single-hung window. With just a single pane, it’s best-suited to moderate climates without temperature extremes. Home and property owners choose this for renovation projects when saving money is their top priority.

This ReliaBilt 3100 Series vinyl window review gives you the pros and cons of this window so you can decide if it suits your purposes.  For similar models to compare it with, see vinyl replacement windows from ThermaStar, Jeld-Wen and other leading brands. Our goal is to help you do all the research for your next windows here on one site.

 Benefits of the ReliaBilt 3100 Series Vinyl Replacement Window Review

 The affordable cost of these windows is their primary plus.  They are quite inexpensive.  For example, the ReliaBilt 3100 Series 32”x64” single hung window, a popular size, costs +/- $160 from various sellers.

 Besides the price, this is a well-built window with fusion-welded frames that offer greater strength and resistance to warping or breaking. ReliaBilt gives consumers considering this window the confidence to purchase it by backing it with a lifetime limited warranty – that’s as good a warranty as most top of the line vinyl replacement windows.

 A block and tackle balance system makes the window easy to operate and holds the sash in place where you leave it.

 For price and decent quality, this window is tough to beat.

 Drawbacks of the ReliaBilt 3100 Series Vinyl Replacement Window Review

If you live in a very warm or very cold climate, the single pane window will lead to significantly higher energy use and utility bills than a double pane window would.  The glass is insulated low-E, but with only one pane it can’t provide the efficiency that a 2-pane glass package can.

 This is a very simple window in terms of appearance.  There is no grid since there isn’t a second pane of glass. The only color choice is White, a fact that is true for most vinyl windows, especially those that emphasize low cost as their best attribute. The beveled exterior offers a contemporary look which is somewhat plain. 


 What are you looking for in a replacement window?  If you want a top-quality window with numerous options, you’ll have to look at the Pella 350 or the Jeld-Wen Premium vinyl.  If saving money on the windows is your goal, take a look at these.  That’s the main reason the ReliaBilt 3100 Series vinyl replacement window is popular among homeowners, rental property owners and remodelers.

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2 Responses to “ReliaBilt 3100 Series Vinyl Replacement Window Review”

  1. Karen says:

    Okay, I am confused by your description of the Reliabilt series 3100, single hung replacement window. You state it is a single pane window, however the brochure and the sample window at Lowe’s describes “energy efficient glass with 3/4″ insulated panels.

    There are also TWO options for grids (between the two panels of glass)…5/8″ or 1″ contoured grid or 3/4″ or 5/8″ flat grid available.

    The brochure also states it is Low-E glass and Argon Gas. If there weren’t two panes of glass, how could there be Argon gas?

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