Pella Encompass Vinyl Windows Reviews

The Pella Encompass vinyl windows are the least expensive Pella windows but that doesn’t mean they are junk.  They are of higher quality – and more expensive – than most entry-level products.  The Encompass vinyl windows are popular with homeowners looking for a solid, reliable window at a competitive price. Pella backs this series with a lifetime limited warranty too.

The Pella Encompass line includes all popular types of windows.  It comes in single-hung, double-hung, casement, awning, sliding fixed and specialty windows. Browse our list of Pella reviews and ratings for articles on specific types of Encompass windows you may be interested in. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of these windows from a homeowner’s of view.

Benefits of the Pella Encompass Vinyl Windows

The fact that this series is produced in all the types of windows gives you options. Many homeowners put together a package of windows, using primarily double-hung or casement windows but sprinkling in fixed windows, single-hung or awning windows where they look good and add functionality.  Bay and Bow combination systems that use more than one type of window are very popular. For example, a large picture window with double-hung or casement windows on either side is a beautiful and highly functional choice.

Secondly, consumers rate these windows very high for value – a combination of good quality and a fair price.  These are not as low-priced as ReliaBilt or ThermaStar by Pella, but they also offer better quality.

Multiple glass options allow you to choose one that is right for your climate. There are 2 energy efficient glass packages that are Energy Star qualified in all 50 states. They are more expensive, but contribute to lower energy use and utility bills. Standard insulated, obscure, tinted and tempered glass is also available.

The lifetime limited warranty gives consumers confidence when choosing these windows instead of more expensive Pella 350 vinyl or Pella wood windows.

Drawbacks of the Pella Encompass Vinyl Windows

If you aren’t satisfied with this line’s limited range of options, you’ll have to look at a pricier series like the Jeld-Wen Premium vinyl windows. Pella Encompass windows come in your choice of White or Almond interior, exterior and hardware. Four grille patterns offer more variety but not as many as most costlier series.

Secondly, these frames are not as energy-efficient as the Pella 350 frames and a few other top of the line vinyl frames.  If that is important to you, see our Jeld-Wen Premium vinyl or Pella 350 Series window reviews for a good place to start.


This value-oriented series of windows is very popular with homeowners.  The Pella Encompass vinyl windows deliver the combination of lower cost and excellent quality many consumers want to find.

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2 Responses to “Pella Encompass Vinyl Windows Reviews”

  1. would you recommend a Pella replacement window or another name brand?

  2. TIM LIPPICK says:

    Thank you for sending Bob Gibson, a Pella representative to my residence. Per Bob, the lower windows that he inspected are separating. At my residence, there are 12 openings with 79 windows. I was informed that 13 of 27 lower windows would need to be replaced and the windows would be sent to me to install.
    However, the upper and center windows were not inspected. To determine the extent of the problem and damage to the windows, and thus resolve the underlying problem, one would need to thoroughly inspect all 79 windows including the upper and center windows. To do this, one would need to go outside with a ladder to inspect all 79 windows that were purchased from Pella and installed by a Pella Certified Contractor.
    In the past, I experienced problems with the windows and a Pella representative visited my residence. At that time, I was informed about the following problems from a Pella representative: (1) the Pella windows were installed with no “R” factor (insulation); (2) the Pella window frames were rotted and the clad lifted.
    During this time, all 79 sashes were replaced and two inch screws installed to hold the windows’ mechanism in place. Per the Pella representative, the repair was only a “bandaid” to the problem. Now the “bandaid” has lost its adhesive. The initial problem was never resolved.
    You have indicated in the email below that your records indicate that the Pella windows are from 1998 and beyond any factory warranty. Per your records, the factory warranty has expired. However, Pella violated the warranty because the windows that I purchased from Pella and installed by a Pella Certified Contractor are: (1) not fit for use; (2) not free from defective material or workmanship. Therefore, I do not think I should incur the cost of purchasing and installing all new windows and for certain other repairs of the windows necessitated by a known manufacturing defect.
    To help resolve the problem and not resort to another “bandaid”, I am requesting that you replace all 12 openings with double hung/transom tops. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Now i think the best way to handle this is to set up a protest / picked outside pella stores. Also picked outside lowes . You have to hit them were it hurts. SO LETS GET ORGANIZED AND SEND E – MAILS TO EACH OTHER AND DATES TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.
    Tim Lippick

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