Pella 350 Series Vinyl Window Reviews

One of the hottest new items in the window world this year is the Pella 350 series vinyl windows.  This is Pella’s first forraray into the vinyl window product line.  Pella has been an industry leader in manufacturing wood windows for several decades and now they are introducing the 350 series for those that are looking for vinyl windows.   This guide highlights several of the key features for the Pella 350 series windows.

Features of Pella 350 series windows

One of the features that is maintained in this window line is Pellas exclusive energy savings system.  Pella claims that these windows have the potential to
  • Save up to 35% on energy costs
  • 83% more efficient than traditional windows
  • #1 rated window on market for energy efficiency.
Without question the vinyl window market is the wave of the future.  Vinyl  windows are easier to maintain, install, and are long lasting because of the materials they are made from.  Pella is offering the pella 350 series window and patio door in several choices including: single hung, double hung, casement, awning and special shapes.  In addition they are being offered with several color choices and hardware choices.
The benefits of the Pella 350 series window are numerous.  First, you are backed by one of the oldest and most respected window companies in the business.  This family run company backs their products with strong warranties and customer service.  Secondly, you receive all the benefits from the installation of energy efficient windows.  In the long run these windows will save you a lot of money in energy savings.  Finally, since they are much more cost friendly that other products on the market.  Pella has always been known for being consumer friendly when it comes to price, but these windows help make the replacement window decision much easier.
As you can expect with any new product line their has been some negative criticism.  Some of the complaints that have been offered are that the window has a pocket sill (which can be messy to clean) and that the window may have some drafts.  While these concerns may be valid, it is critical that you get a highly qualified contractor to install these windows or they may have problems due to the installation.  While you can purchase these windows from a  bix box outlet store, we feel it is absolutely critical that you get a good contractor for installation to eliminate the problems that are listed above.

Overall, you are not likely going to find a better bargain for your money.  There are many other great vinyl window companies in the market today, but very few are backed by the strength of a world class organization like Pella.

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