Pella 350 Series Double-Hung Windows Vinyl Review

Pella recently introduced the 350 Series Double-Hung Windows Vinyl models and they have been well-received by contractors and homeowners, doing very well in window reviews.  Are they worth considering for your home?  This Pella 350 Series double-hung windows review will give you an inside look from the consumer’s standpoint.

Benefits of the Pella 350 Series Double-Hung Vinyl Windows

These are attractive windows that come in a white or almond for interior colors and white, almond and brown for exterior colors. It would be nice to have more options, but you should find one that goes well with your existing décor or siding.  Pella also offers 5 different grille patterns that allow you to choose the one that fits the style of your home, from traditional to contemporary. The windows come in more than 90 sizes and custom sizes can be ordered – though with that many sizes you probably will find what you need.  Double and triple-wide window sets are also made in standard sizes.

What we really like about these windows is their energy efficiency.  They are Pella’s most efficient. Four of the glass options are Energy Star rated so you’ll reduce your utility bills all year and may get tax credits or utility company rebates where you live.  Those will reduce the total cost of the job, making it easier on the budget to upgrade and save on energy costs. There are also glass choices for very sunny climates – to reduce heat infiltration, as well as tinted and obscured glass to reduce glare or increase privacy.  All of the glass used is Low-E and some of the models have argon between panes.  Two-pane and three-pane options are available. There’s a tempered glass choice that resists shattering, a good options for active families who play ball in the backyard or for installation in a child’s room or play area.

These windows work very well, too.  The operation of the sashes is smooth.  They tilt, and that makes them easy to clean from the inside rather than having to get a ladder and do it outside. The hardware is very functional and comes in a variety of colors too.

The only potential disadvantage to these windows is that they are pricey.  In the window industry, you usually get what you pay for.  The higher price comes with excellent quality and a lifetime warranty.  If you sell your house, it becomes a 20-year warranty for the new owner.  That’s a better warranty than you’ll get with most windows.


If you want a top-quality vinyl window that will help you cut energy costs, this one is worth a look.  The Pella 350 Series double-hung vinyl windows are a solid, attractive and very durable choice for energy efficient windows.

3 Responses to “Pella 350 Series Double-Hung Windows Vinyl Review”

  1. Matt Giannini says:

    I purchased 13 Pella 350 series windows and I am very pleased. My concern is when it rains it appears that some water is coming in through the lower bottom sash. The weep holes are not flush with the bottom sash so there is some water that sits in the channel after it rains. I wonder where that water goes? Is it leaking into my window frames and am I looking at potential rot down the road?

    • admin says:

      My guess not knowing exactly what is going on here is that the water is evaporating. However, if you are noticing water on your walls inside as it rains this is likely an install issue. I would contract another contractor to look to see if they are done correctly. You can get some contractors to contact you by clicking here!
      It seems to me (again on surface) that is is unlikely the water is leaking into the frame – they are sealed pretty tight.
      Pella’s customer service can be found here – they are really good with technical issues

      Please let me know what you find out – we would love to tell our readers or write a post on what to look out for when installing Pella 350 series windows

      Good Luck

      • Matt Giannini says:

        Thanks for the information you left me. My windows were installed correctly and water isn’t running down the interior walls. All the windows seem perfectly level and I’m pleased with the installation. My only concern is the small amount of water that doesn’t drain out of the bottom of the window channel. Weep/drain holes are different on the 350 series versus the other Pella Vinyl windows that I saw at Lowes. Also the other Pella windows had a vinyl strip on the outside of the bottom portion of the lower window to help prevent water from coming in. I didn’t know if this was a design flaw? Thanks for your help though.

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